Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm a winner - and so are some of you!

I got a blog award from the very fabulous Penny Lane Designs! You can read the nice things she said about me here. She's family, and a best friend, so she had extra pressure to say something nice. :)

Here's a little about the award: The "UBER AMAZING BLOG AWARD" is given to blogs who: inspire you, make you laugh & smile, give amazing information, are a great read and/or have an amazing design.The rules of the award: Put the logo on your blog and/or post, nominate a minimum of 5 blogs, let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog, share some "link love" and link the post back to the person's blog that nominated you.

And now, my list of nominees {in no particular order}. Drum roll please.... and please forgive me, because I don't know a lot of bloggers yet.

1. Living in His Arms: This is my amazing, sister-in-laws blog. She is one of those tender-hearted people who is so in-tune to what God is speaking to her. I love reading what God is doing in her life. She is amazing and always knows just what to say to brighten my day. Thanks for always sharing your heart, Jenni!

2. Living in the "Nutt" House: This Blog belongs to an old friend from high-school and even though I must admit that we haven't really kept in touch since those days, I do enjoy catching up on her family outings and what God is doing in her life through her super cute blog.

3. The Purple Pea: The Purple Pea is a friend from work. I enjoy reading her blog and seeing how she has turned her great house into an even greater, chic home! If it wasn't for reading her blog, I wouldn't have fallen completely in love with the amazing show, "John and Kate Plus Eight."

4. Journey Josh: Also a friend from high school. I love reading Josh's blog because he always takes those everyday happenings, going to the gym, writing a paper, etc., and creates a parallel to our relationship with Christ. I always like to hear how these things correlate - very creative and very inspirational.

5. Ok, seriously - I only know 6 bloggers, and 2 of them have already been tagged, so I'm stuck at 4. Sorry!

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Living In His Arms said...

Ahhhh you are so sweet! But still no one better to receive that award than you. I love reading your blogs because your words are inspiring to me. Thanks and Love You!

bethany said...

Never wrote to say thanks for this!! You're so sweet and I also enjoy reading your blog to catch up on what you're doing these days! I often find great words of wisdom from you to share with friends going through all sorts of things. Thanks again!!