Thursday, December 3, 2009


Have you seen anything cuter than this!?

Look at my new, super chic Blog design!!! This is of course courtesy of the Penny Lane Designs queen! This is a wonderful birthday present she created for me and I'm so happy about it. All I had to tell her was that I loved "damask" design and this is what she came up with. It is SO me and I LOVE the chandelier ~ great little touch!!!

If you need a Blog makeover (or other design work), visit Penny Lane Designs' website!!

Thanks, M!!! I love you. This is amazing!


penny lane designs said...

glad you love it- and thanks for the plug. haha. :) love you!

Lavender Lily said...

I love this!

Jessica's World said...

Wow that is a nice blog page. I heard that you got snow. We haven't had anysonow at all. We already put up are christmas tree. It is candy cane theme. I miss you and wish to see you soon.
LoVe Ya

SAbA said...

thats so b bautiful! :)