Friday, May 30, 2008

Sparkle Snuffers

I came across this in my book last night, and actually thought it quite sad to read these statistics. I think it’s quite clear that many of us are not living in our Sweet Spot, or we are still struggling to find exactly what that spot is. Unfortunately, it appears that for many, someone or something, has stolen our sparkle.

In an epidemic of commonness… here are some statistics for you*:

1. Unhappiness on the job affects one-fourth of the American work force.
2. One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.
3. Seven out of ten people are neither motivated not competent to perform the basics of their job.
4. Forty-three percent of employees feel anger toward their employers often or very often as a result of feeling overworked.

This makes me sad. Life is too short for so many people to be living in these statistics… day in and day out. Let’s take back our Sparkle, fellow Bloggers.
*Source: Cure for the Common Life, sources on Page 215.

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The Lavender Lily said...

Wow, those statistics are unbelievable...yet I'm not that surprised. Thanks for sharing, that is so interesting!

Jennifer said...

I agree too with people snuffers. A person might step out to sparkle and get hurt or critisized and decided never to step out and sparkle again.