Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Steps to Big Change

So, I’m making some changes in my life. Small changes that I think will have a drastic affect. I’ve been reading a couple books that are speaking to me emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. One book talks about our attitudes and how if we make small changes in our lives, our attitudes will adjust. A suggestion in one of the books was a little hard for me to grasp, but after much thought, I see the point. They suggest that if you are depressed and down in the dumps, then quit watching so much depressing TV! What a novel idea… what goes in, must come out. I will admit, I am slightly (ok, overly) addicted to the TV, and not that I think it’s bad to watch the news or my entertainment shows (wink), but I am a sucker for the depressing stuff too. I love Tru TV (formerly Court TV). I watch all the suspenseful “who-killed-who” shows. I watch “To Catch a Predator”. I love “Crimes Caught on Camera”… you get the point. You could say, I sorta feed on doom and gloom. Anyway, I totally see how all this garbage and depression going in my spirit could bring me down! So, while I’m not banning TV 100% (baby steps, people), I am going to consciously knock out the unnecessary, and depressing shows that bring me down.

That was what one book suggested. The other book, my Max Lucado book (yay!), spoke on another note, but I when I tied them together… it made a pretty, little bow. (Meaning: it made sense.) Anyway, Max’s suggestion was that we fill our hearts and minds with worship. True worship is the laying down of our desires, wants, and emotions, handing them over to God to take control, while basking in His peaceful presence. So, the second challenge for myself will be to incorporate more worship into my life. Sorry, KISS FM and George Michael… you are going on the back burner for a while. I am in NEED of God’s presence! I am in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. And, I truly WANT Him to take over my life, my emotions, my desires… and most of all my heart.

I have no doubt that these small changes will make a big change in my attitude! And, I’m definitely looking forward to it!!!!!

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