Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Creative

Well, well. I learned a little secret last night from modern eve. She's so cute, and one of those people that I look at and think, "I bet she has good advice for that." Sure enough. We were talking about Blogs (aka: B***). I was telling her about how I enjoy blogging, but don't have time at work, and quite frankly feel guilty for B***ging at work. She told me about "scheduling" a blog. I'm sure most of you knew about this option, but I never really put much thought to it. There are some days where I have more than one thing to blog about, but I want to spread it out over a couple days, but then I don't find the time to blog about it the next day. So... now I can write my blogs and schedule them to be posted on different days. (To do this, click "Post Option" as you are writing your post... simply choose the date and time you want it posted!)

Sounds so simple, and I hope I'm not letting out her secret... but I'm pretty excited about this. Hopefully I will be (seem like) a better blogger than I really am!
Thanks, modern eve!

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The Lavender Lily said...

i just tried this with my last post of the day...so you should see a new post at 4:30...haha!