Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Quiz of Fours

I was tagged by my sweet friend, The Lavender Lily to fill out these fun facts...

Four wishes:

1) That I lived closer to my family... They are so far away in Ohio! But if I moved to Ohio, then I would miss Sean's family, so I need either my family to move to Texas, or Sean's fam to move to Ohio. I'd be happy either way, but I'm not sure Sean would. ;)
2) That I was in a better mood more often than I am. (I'll leave it at that.)
3) That I was changing more lives and impacting more people in an amazing way; showing more grace and compassion and leading others to Christ by my actions. (Could you imagine? People "seeing your good works and glorifying your Father in Heaven" simply because of your holy lifestyle!?) I want to be better at this.
4) That I was living in my "Sweet Spot".

Four places I want to travel to:

1) Italy - I've heard it's "ah-mazing". Plus, I'd love to taste their wine.
2) Israel, Bethlehem (other Bible places) - I would love to walk the same streets Jesus did!!
3) Maui - We were on the island of O'ahu for our honeymoon and loved it so much. We have always wanted to check out Maui to see all the beautiful waterfalls!
4) New York - yes, I know I was just there, but I want to go back. I miss it already. I was going through my NY pics the other day and I really miss it.

Four careers I would like to be involved in:

1) Self-employed, entrepreneur doing something that I'm passionate about. Somewhere inside of me lives a person who loves to be her own boss and own her own company.
2) Real estate - well, I do have my real estate license, so I guess technically, I am "involved" in it. But, I wish I had time to be more involved. I really LOVED it and MISS it.
3) Some type of hospital or clinic where I can minister to people with cancer or other diseases. Somewhere where I can have hope for people who have lost theirs.
4) "Sweet Spot" career- (If you're not sure what I mean by this, then this must be the first time you've read my blog). I'm not sure what God has planned for me down the road, but I really want to be doing something that I feel is changing the lives of others.

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:

1) Well done, my good and faithful servant.
2) Come, I have someone for you to see (my mommy)
3) I'm proud of you!
4) Look at all the lives that were saved and changed because of you.

Four people I tag to complete this quiz:
1) Living in His Arms
2) Journey Josh
3) Living in the "nutt" House
4) The Purple Pea

(Wow. that was hard thinking of 4 people to tag - I only have 3 readers!)

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Living In His Arms said...

I better be one of those three people you called a reader. I never miss a one!

Love you

Dreamer said...

You were first on my list! My 2nd reader is the one who tagged me to take the quiz, so I was really struggling to find 3 people besides you! haha!

penny lane designs said...

I read your blog. :) And I love it....