Monday, December 29, 2008

Thought of the Day

I was listening to the Word 100.7 the other day. It’s a Christian, talk radio station and for the most part, I like it. It’s actually pretty controversial at times, and not your typical, extremely conservative station – which is probably why I enjoy it. You get the occasional person who calls in with their ultra-conservative view and sometimes there is an on-air fight.

Anyway, I was listening to it over the weekend, and even though I didn’t hear the preacher’s name, I did hear a little nugget that he threw out: “Compassion is kindness in Action.” Many of us have kindness in our hearts, but do we show compassion? He spoke about how we often “feel sorry” for someone, but rarely do anything about it. We see the little starving kids on tv and “feel sorry” enough for them that we usually change the channel to avoid taking action. We see a homeless person on the street and might “feel sorry” for them for a little while, but I’m willing to admit that my typical reaction is to reach down and make sure my door is locked, and then quickly pick up my phone to pretend I’m talking to someone so that I don’t have to make eye contact with them. Yes, I agree, that it may not always be safe to just roll down your window and give a desperate stranger money. But, do we can still do something. We can earnestly pray for their souls… that they would come in to relationship with Jesus Christ. That God would send someone along their path who isn’t scared to give them money, help them out, or show compassion by hugging and helping them. I’m as guilty as anyone.

Sometimes, we can’t physically do anything, but we can always do something… even if it’s little. And most importantly, even if it’s prayer.

Here's a great link I found to a word on Compassion.

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