Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walking in Obedience

So, I’ve decided that I need to walk in obedience more than I do. How often is someone else waiting on the other end of my decision to be obedient to God?

Last Friday was my husband’s work Christmas party – usually an exciting event, but since I was out of town for 2 weeks, and so sick that I couldn’t talk, I didn’t have a chance to go dress shopping until the night before the party. So, my shopping on Thursday turned out typical… nothing fit. Ok, well, actually they did fit, they just wouldn’t zip over particular assets (if you know what I mean.) Stuff like this is always so frustrating for me. So, on Friday, I decided to leave work a little early and try again. The party was 2 hours away – I was a little stressed. So, I attempt the Galleria – several stores; Banana Republic, Betsey Johnson, Katie (Kate?) Miller, Macy’s, the list goes on. No luck. I finally ran over to Terri Costa. They had lots of really cute dresses. They are pretty fancy though; wedding dresses, prom dresses, pageant dresses, but they also had some very cute, inexpensive dresses too. But still, no stinking luck.

In a last-ditch effort, I run over to a store that I have seen a few times, but never actually been in: Whatchamacalit Fashions. Weird name, but great store. I walked in and prayed that God would help me find a dress and that he would give me favor in that place. (Hey, God cares about the little things too.) Again, I found fancy dresses, but this time, very few of them were actually in my price range. (I mean, this is a one-night event, and even though it was at the Ritz-Carlton, I wasn’t planning on wearing this dress again). So, I’m in the back of the shop looking at the clearance dresses and I only find TWO in my price-range. Seriously? They had a $99 rack and there were 2 in my size – and guess what? They did NOT fit!!! By this time it is almost 5:30 (and we are leaving for the party at 7:00). I kept looking at my staticky hair sticking up in the mirror and I realize that I still had so much to do to get ready and I still didn’t have a dress. On top of that, I had been dealing with a major sinus infection and my voice was gone. The sweet little lady helping me saw me finally give up and I started walking out the front door. I heard her say something to the owner of the store, and she yelled for me to come back. The owner said, “Honey, your party is in an hour – we have to find you a dress!” With as much voice as I could muster up, I politely told her that I would just wear my dress from last year. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. So then I politely told her that I didn’t plan on spending much on a dress and that I was really fine wearing my dress from last year. She told me to come back in and she would “work with me” on the price. (I’m in sales, I know what “work with me” means.) I was a little disgruntled and panicked and impatient, but for some reason I agreed. I went in to the dressing room and the owner and associate proceede to start throwing me every dress in my size. I still had a hard time fitting some things in, but as I’m putting them on, I realize that the price tags say $300, $400, $500. I was thinking “NO WAY!” to myself. I finally opened the door with this amazing, long black dress on, that fit so perfectly (and it was long enough to wear heals with!) and it was so great for a fancy Christmas party. The owner of the store and sales associate loved it. I loved it too, but knew the price was too much. She said she would give me 50% off. Nice offer, but still not spending $150 on a dress. I told her my budget was more like $100 max and again, started to politely tell her that I was fine with wearing last year’s Christmas dress. She looked at me and said, “Ok. You can have it for $100.” I was like “What!?” No way. I felt so guilty and I almost didn’t want to accept it, but then she said, “You be blessed and you take it for $100.” I started crying. I looked at her and told her that she was obeying the Holy Spirit because I had prayed for favor in that place.” She grabbed my hand, and obviously knew exactly what I meant by my statement because while she was walking me to the register (squeezing me tight), she prayed over me! She prayed peace and joy over me and asked God to heal my sickness! She gave me a big hug and told me that she loved me and that God was watching out for me because I had asked for His favor.

It was so amazing. God knew my spirit needed lifted (and I needed a dress), and he provided for both. But, this lady’s obedience reminded me that so often, I ignore the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Sometimes I just think that it’s my own flesh thinking it and not Christ. But so what?! What’s the downside of blessing someone whether or not it’s really from God!? The end result is that they still get blessed.

Anyway, I wanted to share that story – not so that you will go to Whatchamacalit and try to cheat the owner out of money, but to tell you that the owner (and the associate who was saying “Yes, Jesus” all the way to the register), are amazing women of God and they deserve your business for your next event. Also, to remind you that God desires to bless His children and pour out His favor on our lives. I don’t deserve any good thing, but God still wants to give them to me. How amazing.

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The Lavender Lily said...

such an amazing story. i have already heard it before and reading it again still made me tear up a bit!

Living In His Arms said...

Loved the story and love the dress! Beautiful!!
I hate to say it but just today I was promted by the holy spirit to help someone out and you know what I did? Shamefully I said "I'm just too tired" and walked away. I'm still convicted of it to this very moment. I think God's going to let me sweat this one out.

penny lane designs said...

you look so beautiful! what an amazing story. :)

bethany said...

Aw, a little behind on my reading and just read this. What a neat thing to happen- I love when God takes care of his girls! :) I'll be thinking about this one for a bit.