Thursday, June 18, 2009


I know I already posted one blog today, but wanted to post another quick one.

Happy 56th Birthday, Toni Lee Davis, as you celebrate with Jesus, your Creator!

Your children LOVE you and MISS you, but God is good, He is faithful, He is loving... Just as you always said.

June 18, 1953 - June 16, 1995

Love, your daughter...

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Living In His Arms said...

Love this! Happy Birthday Toni!
I love that Toni and Jessica's birthdays are so close.

Dreamer said...

Just so you know, I sent Shayne an email today. I was thinking about him, and wanted to share the sermon I told you about. It ended up being a pretty long email, but I hope he reads it and feels the love from his sis.

Love you!

Living In His Arms said...

You know he will!