Monday, June 8, 2009


Nothing life-changing to share today. But, I did find a fun widget I wanted to share.

I saw this on my friend Trischa's Blog and thought it looked fun. You can see where your Blog visitors are coming from (state, and what website.) Pretty cool!

FEEDJIT. There are a few free options you can enjoy, or you can pay $5.95 for advanced options... not quite sure what you get with that though. If you want to know what it looks like in action, check out the right hand side of my Blog to see the Live Feed!

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Kristina with a K said...

How fun! I got one too!

Trischa said...

Hey Lady! Thanks for following my blog... I'm following yours now too. Now that I'm back from vacation I hope to have time to read all your previous posts. I know it's been forever since I've seen you (your wedding, maybe? Gah!) but I miss you and wish we could hang out. Love you!

Trischa said...

I'm completely caught up! I've read all of your previous blog posts and I can't wait to read your next one! Thank you for being such a blessing and sharing your thoughts.